Awards & Recognition

Every winter we have the opportunity to honor the sworn and civilian members of the Gwinnett County Police Department for going above and beyond the call of duty to keep our community safe and to recognize those retiring at an annual Retirement & Awards Dinner.

2019 Award Recipients

Chief of Police Unit Citation

The Chief of Police Unit Citation is awarded to a group of employees (unit, squad or team) for sustained exemplary performance at an exceptionally superior level, resulting in the successful completion of a specific mission or objective.  All nominations for this award come from the Unit’s Division Commander.  This award is given only at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

Background Investigations and Recruiting Unit

Major C. T. Rafanelli, #765

Lieutenant C. T. Marion, #742

Sergeant C. B. Cheek, #1064

Sergeant S. T. Killian, #438

Sergeant F. E. Saldana, #936

Sergeant M. L. Williamson, #1032

Corporal G. W. Howard Jr., #1021

Corporal M.R. Makowsky, #1076

Corporal T. M. Reed, #1241

Master Police Officer J. D. Godsted, #1693

Master Police Officer L. E. Greene, #1093

Master Police Officer T. A. Landry, #867

Master Police Officer R. C. Leggett, #1368

Master Police Officer M.C. Litzkow, #1562

Master Police Officer M. L. Long, #1793

Public Safety Staffing Specialist R. P. Godfrey

Public Safety Staffing Specialist C. M. Hale

Police Officer Senior (P/T) J.P. Bacchus, #154

Police Officer Senior (P/T) B. N. Geidner, #178

Police Officer Senior (P/T) T. L. Woodall, #264

Administrative Support Associate II K. K. Dzyuba

Administrative Support Associate II A. S. Howard

Special Investigations Section

Major C. Atwater, #536

Lieutenant J. M. Johnston, #582

Lieutenant M. D. Marchese, #740

Lieutenant C. E. Wilkerson, #614

Lieutenant T. D. Werho, #1012

Sergeant X. M. Biggers, #1059

Sergeant N. H. Boney, #1037

Sergeant J. L. Dickerson, #1004

Sergeant A. M. Godfrey, #641

Sergeant E. Gurley III, #814

Sergeant K. W. Isenhour, #482

Sergeant S. H. Kannigiser, #777

Sergeant K. L. Llewellyn, #852

Sergeant J. P. McMenomy, #698

Sergeant K. S. Perkins, #746

Sergeant M. A. Silva, #470

Sergeant J. R. West, #669

Corporal S. E. Batt, #771

Corporal J. M. Crowe, #1549

Corporal I. J. Davidson, #1141

Corporal J. P. Doherty, #758

Corporal R. J. Gooch, #1092

Corporal Y. H. Huggins, #1414

Corporal S. F. Jones, #878

Corporal M. N. McKenzie, #932

Corporal J. D. Montero, #1290

Corporal M. A. Prouty, #1343

Corporal D. L. Seeton, #718

Corporal B. C. Shirley, #1251

Corporal K. R. Sipple Jr., #691

Corporal J. P. Summers, #785

Corporal J. B. Thomas, #1378

Master Police Officer R. C. Anthony, #1770

Master Police Officer M. J. Bonanno, #892

Master Police Officer J. Carrasco, #1232

Master Police Officer D. T. Clark, #1436

Master Police Officer J. E. Collazo, #1331

Master Police Officer M. A. Croyle, #1234

Master Police Officer N. Cultarevic, #1280

Master Police Officer T. M. Dangle, #1734

Master Police Officer A. C. Davis, #1714

Master Police Officer A. L. Davis, #1840

Master Police Officer S. R. Donahue, #1622

Master Police Officer P. M. Duty, #1066

Master Police Officer A. J. Eich, #1468

Master Police Officer C. R. Foster, #1439

Master Police Officer J. T. Hall, #1648

Master Police Officer A. M. Kendall, #1606

Master Police Officer R. H. Lasky, #1559

Master Police Officer J. A. Lopez-Espinal, #1191

Master Police Officer J. J. Mellow III, #1478

Master Police Officer D. J. Nelson, #1120

Master Police Officer W. A. Powers, #1800

Master Police Officer A. W. Rardin, #1801

Master Police Officer R. A. Redmond, #1690

Master Police Officer M. T. Ricks, #1854

Master Police Officer J. E. Robertson, #1031

Master Police Officer D. A. Roman Jr., #1705

Master Police Officer T. A. Sims Jr., #1682

Master Police Officer M. T. Towler, #1198

Master Police Officer E. L. Veliz, #1767

Police Officer Senior C. J. Harrison, #1720

Police Officer Senior H. A. Mesa, #1848

Police Officer Senior K. L. Moore, #1880

Police Officer Senior V. M. Rolland Jr., #1979

Police Officer Senior D. N. Reed, #1908

Police Officer Senior W. D. Wolfe, #1940

Deputy Sheriff K. D. Black, #SO1529

Corporal J. Deas, #SO1206

Crime and Intelligence Analyst III Linda F. Daffin

Crime and Intelligence Analyst III Jennifer A. Leith

Crime and Intelligence Analyst III Barbara A. Martin

Crime and Intelligence Analyst III Amy E. McLoud

Crime and Intelligence Analyst II Rachel A. Brookins

Crime and Intelligence Analyst II Laura L. Frost

Crime and Intelligence Analyst II Delana M. Lacy

Crime and Intelligence Analyst II Karen R. Simmons

Crime and Intelligence Analyst II Andrea M. Williams

Crime and Intelligence Analyst II Donna F. Yang

Administrative Support Associate II Samantha L. Holterman

Civilian of the Year

Crime and Intelligence Analyst III Jennifer A. Leith

Crime and Intelligence Analyst III Barbara A. Martin

Officer of the Year

Master Police Officer C. R. Foster, #1439

Class I Awards

Police Achievement Medal – Major C. T. Rafanelli, #765

Police Achievement Medal – Lieutenant C. T. Marion, #742

Police Achievement Medal – Administrative Support Associate II Samantha Holterman

Distinguished Service Medal – Master Police Officer A. M. Wilson #1836

Communications Awards

Team Player of the Year – COII Lindsey Addison

CO Addison is one of the most positive employees in Communications.  She is always the first to volunteer to provide tours to citizen groups or to welcome an applicant observing in the center.  CO Addison is supportive and encouraging to everyone she encounters and is always willing to help her co-workers in anyway necessary.

Community Service Award – COII Amy Hardin

CO Hardin has volunteered for several years teaching students about the do’s and don’ts of 911.  She recently developed a formal training program that will be used to teach not only students but other community groups as well.

Training Officer of the Year – COIII Adam Chitwood

Training Officer Chitwood has been training since 2015.  In that time, he has been responsible for 10 trainees.  He is dedicated to training and is able to customize the program to fit the needs of his trainee.  His desire for excellence makes him an asset to the Training Program. 

Emergency Medical Dispatcher of the Year – COII Liz Pizarro

In September 2019, CO Pizarro showed true professionalism as she assisted on two separate critical life threatening emergencies.  In both cases, she had to calm family members and provide CPR instructions over the phone.  She started EMS service within a matter of seconds and the Fire Department stated that her ability to provide medical instructions over the phone was the primary factor in saving the lives of both citizens. 

Supervisor of the Year – SCO Magdala Prophete

SCO Prophete is an extremely positive and supportive supervisor.  She constantly makes herself available to staff to provide any assistance they may need or address their concerns.  SCO Prophete is hardworking and always willing to go above and beyond by working overtime, teaching training classes and anything else that will assist with operation of the Communications Center.

Communications Officer of the Year – COIII Lynette Timmons

In June 2019, COIII Timmons received a call about a robbery that just occurred at a cellphone store in Snellville.  She received GPS data from one of the phones that was stolen and updated the responding units as to its location.  The suspect traveled at a high rate of speed through 6 different counties and eventually crashed in Coweta County where deputies were able to take the suspect into custody.  Because of her ability as a communications officer, a dangerous suspect was apprehended.


Major Lara Bardugon (January, 1996 – March, 2019)

Sgt. Andrew Skelly (January, 1996 – January, 2019)

Cpl. Jake Kimsey (September, 1997 – May, 2019)

MPO Jeffrey Richter (February, 2001 – April, 2019)

CEO Christopher Hachat (July, 2008 – April, 2019)